Smoking a fat cigar, he told stories about Greenland.

Can you do it faster?

The sky today is blue, without a cloud.

My life is like a sick joke.

Carl bowed.

Why did you leave your last job?

She closed a door.

I need to know what that was.

You shouldn't pick your nose in public.

If you are to realize your dream, you must work harder.

I couldn't make a decision for a long time.

I feel pretty confident.


He's young and single.


Please come here.

Shows that are broadcast during prime time are not supposed to have content unsuitable for children who might be watching.

And then very strange things began to happen.

That's the man who lives next door.

If Bin Laden comes, tell him I'm in the store.


Damon sent me back to help.

Shaw moved over so that Huey could sit next to him.

I told you that this would become tiresome.

All these devices are unreliable.

His romance was the talk of the town.

Mongo is sitting in the back.

It will be a good lesson to him.

I've been waiting for love to come.

I don't want to give myself false hopes.

Never say that.

I've worn out my shoes.


Everything is getting cheap.

That's why I was late.

Only your project matters.

A mirror is better than an entire row of ancestral portraits.

Hopefully I won't get sick!

Scott invited me personally.

It happens frequently on vacation.


Pitawas often argues with his wife about money.

He is not any taller than I am.

January is the first month of the year, April is the fourth, November is the eleventh, December is the twelfth.

Oifa drove the children of Lir into the lake to bathe, and they did as she told them. As soon as they were upon the lake she struck them with a Druid's wand of spells and wizardry and put them into the forms of four beautiful, perfectly white swans.

Come on, what's his name?

Don't be like that.

How much longer do you suggest we devote to this?

More than 90 percent of visits to a web page are from search engines.

Bret and his brother are about the same height.

The Russian nightingales are even singing this year exclusively for glorification of the Great Victory.

His statement doesn't leave room for any doubt.

I never get to do anything fun.

I'll tell my dad!


Boyd can't leave just yet.


Gideon hates green peppers.

Oscar poisoned Collin's dog.

You have to tell Sorrel what happened.

I'm hammered.

I've been here for almost three years.

It was already dark when Felix got home.

Tahsin bought Michel an expensive umbrella.

No, it's not.

They are leaving for London.

Tickets are $30 per person and may be purchased in advance or at the door.

Ice skating is kind of fun.


It's a minor glitch.


Malcolm was careful not to get his shoes muddy.

I'm sorry, I can't help you with that.

I studied last night.

Why didn't somebody stop them?

The couple separated, never to see each other again.


It is important for you to learn a foreign language.

She watched him drawing a picture.

It belongs to my brother.

I turned the lights out.

Continue digging.

Do you know where I can find it?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to postpone the meeting.


Are you that stupid?

I got really busy.

Maybe we should stay here and help Evan.


This is no time for modesty.


Do you walk to school?

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For starters, I want to eat a little bit of cake.


What is that cat doing?

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Raj denied the request.

I spent three weeks in Boston last summer.

I am in receipt of your letter.

I can't believe you're considering doing that.

I know someone needs to tell Shakil about Hubert's death. Does it have to be me?


I don't agree with the theory that one should learn Latin in order to better understand English.

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Had I but seen it coming, I should have nipped this revolting development in the bud.

By the time you arrive, all arrangements will have been made.

I cannot remember Taninna's last name.


She stamped the mud off her shoes.


He displayed a great deal of patience.


I followed her into the room.

Shall we have an aperitif?

I can't come tomorrow.

I think Amos might be swimming now.

I'm sorry I couldn't help him.


I'm going to enjoy this.


Are you fond of baseball?

Long live the brotherhood of all peoples.

Come back here. It's an order.


His pride won't allow him to ask questions.

It's already 7:00.

You know why I'm angry, don't you?

Connie ate the apple that Casey had left on the dining room table.

I think it a pity that he told a lie.

They look pretty.

Marnix is waiting to see you.

I'm not much of a tennis player.

Clyde took over the family business.

What's the minimum salary in Latvia?

I was here last night.

This is by far the best of all of these.

I told her not to go.

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She may not come here tomorrow.


It was foggy, so it was hard to make out the figures of people walking.


Did you make it for yourself?


He sat with his legs crossed.

We call the cat Madonna.

Tell them that there was someone here looking for them.

Tell Mats he's going to have to wait.

I'm sure he is holding back something from us.

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For some reason I couldn't access my e-mail.


I've made a big mistake.

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He made up his mind.


I borrowed 1,000 yen from my cousin.

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Charles is expected to come by 2:30.

I'm sure I can find her.

I want you home now.

Gunter's car swerved off the road.

I'm sure Steve knows why we're here.

I don't enjoy tennis.

I didn't get the invitation.

That's what brought us together.

We talked for a long time.

You should go to the dentist and have that tooth pulled out.

The situation appears desperate.

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A great deal of energy is locked up in the nucleus.

We intend to do so.

I'll take it all.

You aren't bleeding.

Nicholas doesn't find this as funny as Valentin does.

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I revised my theory.


It's him, isn't it?

I'm going to throw up.

Never open the door for him.

There's nothing important in the paper.

Only the dead have seen the end of war.

I don't think Graeme is going to Boston.

I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible.


The man died a few hours ago.

I saw that film, but it wasn't very good.

I burned all the letters that you wrote me.

On which bed would you like to sleep?

You can't see her today.

The label is attached to the trunk.

The graduation is two months ahead.

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It is Soseki that my sister likes best.

We all care for one another.

I will make an application to that firm for employment.

It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.

Today, I bought a book.